What do we charge the school?

Nothing. We set a parent-friendly meal price and in some cases, offer a rebate. The school normally puts this money into a fund to offset the cost of kitchen maintenance and procurement, meaning your kitchen is self-financing.

There is no cost to the school and we manage the full service and incorporate any handling fees into the meal price. This does depend on the size of your school and local staff rates.

What costs does the school have?


The school is financially responsible for the maintenance and renewal of the kitchen equipment and crockery. These costs vary depending on size and age of kitchen.

As part of our service Dolce Area Management provide support on all kitchen equipment related issues from design to contractors and suppliers.


The school is also financially responsible for providing a high level clean (above 1.8metres) including extraction where applicable. We can recommend local companies and have a national partner company too that we can pass discounted prices through.


The school is also responsible for energy costs and providing bins for the disposal of rubbish.

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