Welcome to Dolce

Here you’ll find helpful information regarding the start of your partnership with Dolce.


Very soon you will receive a welcome call from our friendly customer care team. The call should take no longer than 5 minutes, and will check that you have everything you need, and give you an opportunity to ask any questions.

Your Area Manager will be in touch with you to set up a mobilisation start date.

Between now and your start date, you can rest assured that Dolce - a group of people who are passionate about creating high quality home cooked food - are setting up your contract so that you receive:


Who are Dolce and what do we stand for?


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What happens during mobilisation?

For many at school, the day can be draining and the surroundings utilitarian.

Our mission is make lunch times a highlight of the day by providing high quality freshly cooked meals in an exciting environment whilst minimising queuing time through service innovations.

We have been mobilising new school contracts since 1999 and as such are very experienced at mitigating risks, ensuring a seamless transition to launch.

Click here to read in detail about what happens during mobilisation.

Once your school has opted in to have a Dolce service hatch, you can leave the rest to us.
Your Area Manager and our marketing team will discuss the relevant details and organise a refit to liven up your dining space.
Refits are conducted in coordination with your school's caretaker.

What should you do now?

Here you can click to download your ‘Parent Welcome Pack’ PDF
We advise you to email this to your parents so that they can access the new service with ease.

It includes: 

  • Key parent information
  • An explanation on how the cashless payments work


Once you have clicked through to your welcome pack,
press ‘View’ then right click to ‘save image’.


Maximise your meal uptake

There are many ways to you can engage parents and pupils to ensure a high meal uptake, including:

  • BOGOFs (buy-one-get-one-free offers)
  • ‘Parents Eat Free’ days
  • Taster events
  • Parents evenings
  • Theme days
  • School council meetings to engage pupils and parents, and showcase what we do


For more information, click to view your “Digital Pack’ that explains the full range of activities Dolce can help with to ensure maximum meal uptake numbers.


Better food = better academic achievement

How you will receive your menus

There are two ways menus are sent…

Menus are sent via an email from Dolce’s customer care team to the school email address registered with SchoolGrid

They will be sent before the end of every school term, in advance of the next term when the new menu starts. This allows you to download the menu PDF and send it out to your parents electronically and place it onto your website if you wish.


Menus are also sent via an email from Dolce’s customer care team to all parent email addresses registered with SchoolGrid.

We appreciate school staff are extremely busy, so this is our way of helping you communicate new menus to parents. The email contains the new termly menu and any theme day menus only.


Download our logo for your website

Let your parents know where their children’s meals are coming from. You can download our logo to place on your school website.

TOP TIP: Please also link our website ‘www.dolce.co.uk’ to give parents speedy access to our school meals pre-ordering system.

Click here to download our logo

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Speak to a member of our friendly customer care team if you have any questions.