Healthy Eating is Fad Diet Beating

No Diet Day

6th May

Promoting Healthy Eating Habits and Body Positivity of Any Shape and Size with

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We all know the advice that everything in moderation leads to a healthier lifestyle, but choosing your diet can be an extremely personal experience. Only your lifestyle, your body type and your will-power can determine the food routine that works best for you.

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Here at Dolce, we strive to create the tastiest and most nutritious meals in our partner schools for young growing children who require not only the healthiest energy boosting meals, but a reliable kick start to a lifelong healthy relationship with food.

This is why today, we wanted to highlight the dangers of fad diets in modern society. Sadly, children are evermore bombarded by unrealistic body ideals. They have access to more and more unhealthy quick fix diet plans that can really damage their growth and mental wellbeing.

We believe lunchtime should be a highlight of the day at school,
filled with fun and fuelling food for the afternoon of learning ahead.

Tackling the issues of childhood obesity requires a very careful balance. Children are still growing after all, their bodies are continually changing and developing. The most important thing we can do is encourage a healthy relationship with food in these early stages.

The image of a person who feels too negatively about themselves to simply pick up a fork and enjoy their food is one we must eradicate. This is where No Diet Day comes in!

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No Diet Day was started in 1992 by a woman named Mary Evans Young; in the hopes of encouraging body acceptance in modern society. Each year, this important message spreads to more people as the movement continues to grow. As is often the case, proper education can be a brilliant fighting force against harmful ideals of weight management.

The best and easiest route to combating the sensitive topic of body shaming or negative food habits is to learn more. Discuss the topic openly without judgement and work positively towards creating better environments for every person to enjoy their food.

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We’ve likely all been guilty of a little self-hate from time to time, but it’s ok; today is the day to put those harmful thoughts to rest.

Allow yourself the privilege of enjoying the food you choose for yourself.

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