Dan Curtis one of founders of Dolce School Catering

Our Story

Realising the untapped skills within school kitchens, we set out over 20 years ago to produce restaurant quality meals, freshly cooked from raw ingredients.

Our quality offer surpassed the nutritional guidelines long before the government announced them and before the formation of the School Food Trust. We now offer school meals across the UK, serving 11 million school dinners in 2019.

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School child holding 2 limes in each hand covering eyes

Our Vision

We aim to make that one hour break in the day the experience of a lunchtime an enriching element of a pupil’s school experience.

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Dolce School Catering Staff serving food in school canteen

Our Team

We believe in a well-supported and well equipped team to produce the same consistent high standard on every plate. Our service philosophy and foodology travels seamlessly from the family owners to the kitchens that we operate out of. We believe in being passionate, principled and polite and our team take pride in the meals that they produce.

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