Dolce Office Bake Off

Putting our baking skills to the test.

In conjunction with the Great British Bake Off Dessert week, and inspired by the recent Macmillan World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, we recently held a bake off in the office and raised some money. There were some impressive entries and some very happy taste testers.

Read on to see the entries and results of the vote:

Mulled Wine Tea Bread


Topped with walnuts, cranberries and almonds, this delicious entry not only. tasted great but looked very impressive too, with a patterned topping that must have taken a lot of time and effort to craft.

Carrot Cake

A delicious entry with the added hint of walnut that provided a fabulous addition to an already tasty cake. Baked expertly and enjoyed immensely.

Lemon Drizzle


A popular cake, and one especially enjoyed by the office. The sweet tang of lemon was a nice light option for those who were starting to feel a little full after their taste test adventure.

Kinder & Cadbury’s Cookie Dough Bar


A sweet treat with a perfect gooey centre to satisfy the most devoted chocoholic’s requirements. The mix of chocolate to cookie was very well balanced and a great option that kept people coming back for more.

Vegan Tea Bread


A wonderful addition for all dietary requirements in the office. It isn’t unusual to hear that vegan ingredients can make baking harder for those who aren’t used to it; safe to say the creator knew their stuff when making this delicious loaf.

The “Never Judge A Book By Its Cover” Lemon Drizzle Loaf


Not only did this cake look great but it tasted amazing and was a very popular option, with a lovely sweet taste. Our baker could have more confidence in the end product, we certainly enjoyed it.

Mars Bar Brownies


A true indulgence for the office, these perfectly baked brownies were a hit. A delicious mix of chocolate and caramel.

Apple Loaf


A lovely fruity taste in a comforting cake shell. A firm favourite amongst the taste testers.

The results:

With the standard so high and so many fantastic options to choose from, voting was a difficult task for our taste testers. In the end, there were two cakes tied in first place!

Congratulations to:
Katie Benn (Mars Bar Brownies)
Leah Carey (Kinder & Cadbury’s Cookie Dough Bar)

Obviously chocolate is a firm favourite amongst the office! A huge thank you to everyone who took part, baked a cake and donated towards the Macmillan World’s Biggest Coffee Morning. The empty plates and crumb filled cake tins leave us eagerly awaiting the next Office Bake Off.