Space Day Enjoyed by Many

Splendid Theme Day Experience.

A brilliant highlight of the first school term 2021 at Dolce Schools Catering was an exciting space-themed lunch experience, celebrating World Space Day on October 4th, 2021.

Dolce catering teams prepared an out-of-this-world lunch menu, encouraging children to eat nutritious, tasty, and warm food that contributes to their learning experience.

Making food fun, tasty and relatable is the best way to educate children about healthy food. Dolce organised an exciting space-themed competition for the schools and the children, with a chance to win prizes for the best decorations and pupil participation. A key feature of the themed lunch was the prize of a £5 Amazon gift voucher to a lucky plate winner.

True Competition Spirit

Some of the catering staff wore colourful alien costumes, and participating schools decorated their walls with crafted planets and space ships. It was exciting to see so many pictures sent to us showing the brightest ideas of the competing schools.

Here are the top 3 Space Day winners, according to Dolce Schools Catering:

1st – £100 to the school / Prosecco for the kitchen staff – Hawes Side Academy.

2nd – £50.00 to the school/chocolates for kitchen staff – Alumwell Junior School.

3rd – £25.00 to the school/chocolates for kitchen staff – Wesley Methodist Primary School.


Positive Feedback

We have received fantastic feedback from our schools, emphasising the joy that the themed lunch brought to the children’s learning experience.

Here are some of the testimonials:

“We have enjoyed a dinner that was out of this world! Great atmosphere (though not much air in space) filled with music from the stars! All that and a surprise on the dark side of a dinner plate. Now we are all content and floating in the air. We do have photographs, but like the astronauts, you had to be here to feel it. Hope your day has been as good as ours, your ladies have worked hard and done Dolce proud. “

“Space day lunch was an absolute pleasure! Kids loved it and had a lovely announcement for the winner of the voucher. When I asked her what she was going to buy with it, she said she wants to give it to her mum.”

And another wonderful feedback:

“Today went really well. The meals looked lovely, and it was pretty busy! Poppy’s mum was delighted that Poppy had a dinner that looked like her friends’. Thank you so much for facilitating that. And the little lad who won the vouchers was so pleased! I wish you could have seen his face, he was smiling from ear to ear.” – Carol

True Gratitude

Undeniably, Space Day was sensational thanks to the creative minds and hard work of Dolce catering teams, as well as the dedication and enthusiasm of all schools involved. We are proud to see so many participants taking part and making the children’s lunch experience educational and entertaining.

Dolce Schools Catering