Hidden Nutrients Breads and Bakes

See below for our new range of nutrient-filled breads and bakes that are making their way to our menus right now…

Baked bean bread

Baked Bean Bread – We know kids love beans, we also know beans are packed full of fibre, protein and other nutrients. That’s why our chefs have developed this scrummy addition to Dolce’s bakery. Great for adults and kids.


Beetroot Loaf

Beetroot Loaf –  Beetroot not only has a great shade of ‘pink flamingo’, but it is also jam packed with essential nutrients. That’s why we made it essential for our range.


Tomato bread

Tomato & Rosemary bread – This classic combo brings out great flavours when infused with our bread. Adding that extra level of nom into our food.


Turmeric Bread – Encompassing anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant benefits, as well as being packed full of other great benefits, turmeric is a real hero among ingredients. So much so we thought it would be great infused in our breads. The bright colour fills our bread selection with a touch of colour.


Jaffa cake muffins

Jaffa Cake Muffins – Is it a cake or is it a biscuit? Well this is a muffin.

This twist on a teatime classic, is taste tested and loved by dolce staff and kids alike. A chocolate sponge muffin with an oozy tangy orange centre.


Jam Muffins

Jam & Vanilla Muffins –  Inspired by the classic duo of jam & custard we incorporated the pair into our crafted homemade muffins. What’s not to love.


Apple strudel

Apple & Sultana Strudel – Golden flaky pastry, with an indulgent apple and sultana oozy centre. We think this ones going to be a winner. Add some custard and we have a top tier level dessert.


Sugar free brownie

Sugar Free Brownie – This recipe has been created by our development chef, it has everything you love about a brownie, but with no added sugar. Being indulgent with our desserts without added health risk of excess sugar is a great example of how we at dolce strive to give our children the healthiest start. Made from sweet potatoes and bananas to get that sweetness.

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