Delicious food should be an important part of their day. With our nutritious, tasty meals – made fresh from raw ingredients – we make sure that lunchtime is a highlight whatever the stage of their school journey.

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We know how picky pupils can be. When you work with us, they’ll only eat meals they love. That means home-cooked food made from seasonal – and sustainable – ingredients, across a range of always-changing menus. It’s a foodology we’ve been proud to call our own for almost 30 years.

Example Menus



Here’s a little taste of what your pupils could be tucking into. There’s something everyone can enjoy here, including veggie and vegan dishes…



Variety is the spice of life! Every three weeks, the menu rotates, helping to keep the flavours diverse and delicious…



Themed menus make mealtimes fun, here’s what the pupils can look forward to after their morning classes are over…

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A dining space as exciting as the food you’re serving? We’ll see to that too. By transforming your serving area, we can turn drab dining halls into somewhere colourful, appealing and inviting where they’ll love eating.

Our designs cater to young minds, giving them a dining space that they want be a part of everyday.


For full peace of mind, our state-of-the-art systems keep everyone safe, blocking dishes containing specific allergens that might get in the way of creating the best possible experience for your pupils.

It’s the same for any dietary requirements too. Whether it’s for religious, medical or ethical reasons, parents can let the school office know of any needs to be aware of. The system then relays this to your kitchen, so they’re in the know when it comes to things like dairy, pork and beef.

For a fully catered-to experience, Dolce also serves up:

  • Vegetarian and vegan options, alongside meat and fish choices
  • Varied vegetable and starchy accompaniments for a balance of vitamins and minerals
  • 1,000+ recipes across our site complete with nutritional and allergen information

Ready to create mealtimes that they’ll love every day of the week?