What’s on the menu today? Delicious, freshly-made meals prepared with care and attention. Whether it’s staff, pupils or parents, we make everyone’s lives easier – even the fussiest of little eaters.

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Our Food

The heart of what we do: nourishing food made fresh from raw ingredients that every one of your year groups can enjoy.

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Our Systems

As the caterer that revolutionised online pre-orders, our award winning system lets parents cater to their children’s tastes and dietary requirements from anywhere.



Our approach allows us to keep costs low whilst never compromising on quality. Parent and staff friendly meal prices – good enough to eat!



Our ongoing training lets us sharpen your kitchen staff’s skills, giving them the cooking techniques, ordering system know-how and customer care abilities to plate up the best food and service to every pupil, every day.


Still have a few questions for us? No problem – you can find the answers to our most commonly asked queries below.

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Increasing your uptake

From upgrading your dining spaces to competitions and community engagement, getting parents and pupils onboard is important. Here’s what we do to achieve that.


Discover how working with Dolce really helped the Redeemer Primary School kitchen improve food provisions, processes and student satisfaction. Meal uptake increased by 38% & queueing times were made 100% faster overnight at The Redeemer.