From the plate to the services we provide, we’ve got our sights set on one thing: to be the best caterer in the education sector. And we’ve got the vision to do that…



Our understanding of food changes just as much as our tastes do. Because of this, it’s vital that we make meals that children and young adults can truly appreciate. Luckily, we’ve got science on our side, and it’s giving us plenty of insights into nutrition, health and crucially, the food choices we make in our early years.  Through tailored, curated menus crafted with the best quality ingredients, as well as caring, supportive staff, we’re able to put those insights on a plate. And it’s this that creates a positive platform from which children can grow and learn.



When it comes to customer service, there’s a whole host of different interactions. Kitchen staff and pupils. The school and Dolce Management. The parent and our customer care team. And we believe in making every one a positive exchange, every time. That’s why we work hard to make our company, from the top to the bottom, as positive as we can – the kind of company that keeps customers and clients coming back for another helping. 



There’s more to the dining experience than just a plate of great food and good service. The way our customers receive their food, the innovations we use to reduce cooking time, and the environment they eat in are all a massive part of the experience.  These things are important to us. We reckon they’re what makes us different. They’re also what keeps us striving to create a lunchtime that feels totally different from our competition. And through them, we want Dolce to be the experience of choice for our customers, again and again.