Best Dressed Hatch Competition Rewind! 2021-22

A look back at the previous theme day winners …

As we start the 2022-23 academic year, which is jam packed with new and upcoming theme days, we are reminded of the fantastic efforts our partner schools went to last year. Every ‘Best Dressed Hatch’ competition brought out so much creativity. It would be a shame not to showcase last year’s winners.

So please enjoy our look back at the 2021-22 champions of the
‘Best Dressed Hatch’

3 … 2 … 1 … Blast Off!

Theme day: Space Day – October 2021

Launching the year with a big bang was the ‘Space Day’ themed day – which was an absolute mission success!

In third place Wesley Methodist Primary School, with an impressive display of rockets filling the roof. In second, Alumwell Junior School who turned their staff into astronauts for a day. And the first winner of the year was Hawes Side Academy, with space-age balloons and a real life space walker!


Happy Holidays for all

Theme day: Christmas Lunch – December 2021

A talented student attending Ysgol Bryn Coch was the winner of the annual Dolce ‘Snowman Competition’. What a work of art it was! We were very proud to use this design on our Christmas cards.

Going for Gold

Theme day: Winter Olympics – January 2022

During the Winter Olympics our partner schools showed their support. First place went to South Hiendley Primary School for their creative use of hoops. Hopwood came in second, displaying all the flags of Olympic countries. And third on the podium was Robert Sandiland who had balloons in matching Olympian colours.


Bewitched by Books

Theme day: World Book Day – March 2022

Our partner schools celebrated World Book Day in style. Taking the opportunity to show off some creativity. Varna Primary School took third place with their giant caterpillar on the wall, second place went to the magical themed Blanford Mere Primary School. And in first place, St Catherine’s (Hoddesdon) C of E Primary School, who’s fancy dress game was unmatched.


In memory of the Queen

Theme day: The Queen’s Jubilee Picnic –  May 2022

A bittersweet look back on this day considering the news of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing. Her platinum jubilee was celebrated across the country and our partner schools really went the extra mile on this one.

First place went to John Hampden Primary School who decorated the hatch from top to bottom, including a giant homemade crown! Closely followed by St Gerard’s RC Primary School who’s party spilled outside into the yard, red, white and blue as far as the eye could see. Third place was awarded to Thursby Primary School for their hand drawn portraits of the queen.

Rest in peace Queen Elizabeth II.


School’s Out for Summer

Theme day: A Day At The Beach – June 2022

Finally, to end the year on a high, we went to the beach and boy did our partner schools bring the heat! St Gilbert’s Primary School stole the show with their top to bottom seaside paradise. Followed by Hanbury Farm Primary School in second, with an impressive set of hatch decor and fancy dress. Wooton Bassett Primary School claimed third place thanks to their sprawling decor.


We also had the chance to join St Catherine’s (a previous best dressed hatch winner) during the ‘A Day At The Beach’ to film the events of the day. You can watch the story unfold and pick up some free tips on how to run a successful theme day by watching the video that can be found: here.

We are now weeks away from the first of our 2022-23 Best Dressed Hatch competitions. It looks set to be a roaring success.

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So go wild and don’t forget to send us your pictures. We’d like to thank our partner schools and kitchen staff for putting in so much effort – keep up the great work!