The benefits of being outdoors, especially for growing children!

There are various views about how much time children should spend outside – I think we can all agree though that being outdoors has a whole host of benefits. Do you feel more energised and a greater sense of wellbeing after a long walk? Well it’s no wonder, as fresh air can help you digest food more effectively, improve blood pressure and heart rate, and overall make you feel happy.  

Being outside also gives us exposure to sunlight which increases vitamin D levels in the body and boosts serotonin levels which in turn can improve your mood and focus. 

Here at Dolce, we like to encourage outdoor educational experiences for all the reasons mentioned above and also, because we are passionate about encouraging children to try new foods, flavours and vegetables. We strongly believe that well fed children are able achieve their full potential in school as after a nutritionally balanced meal, children have better energy levels throughout the day. So we encourage healthy eating by going outside! Starting from the ground up – herb garden planting.

In addition to the benefits already mentioned, time spent outdoors planting a herb garden with other children also builds confidence, increases creativity and imagination and strengthens bonds with classmates. We also find the activity sets an excitement amongst the children at lunchtime to go ahead and try new vegetables showcasing the fresh herbs they have helped to cultivate.

Children from Newlaithes Junior School, pictured here, had lots of fun planting their new herb garden. The herbs will be used in the kitchen to add even more flavour to their tasty school dinners.

We arrange for experienced gardeners to work alongside the pupils on this fun day to create a space they love.