Catering to all ages and all tastes, our nutritious, restaurant-quality food is crafted from nothing but the best British produce. The perfect brain food ahead of the afternoon.



Whatever stage of school life they are at, pupils need healthy, nutritious food to fill them up and keep them focused for the rest of the day. That’s where we come in. Made from only the finest in-season ingredients, we help your staff turn lunchtime into a real highlight, day after day.

Example Menus



From school favourites to flavours from around the world, these dishes of the day are sure to satisfy their taste buds.



Rotating every three weeks, here’s a taster of the delicious meals they’ll be enjoying as term-time progresses.



Served up with plenty of healthy side dishes and a nutritious salad bar, they’ll look forward to tucking into these…

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Delicious food is only part of the Dolce experience. We believe that great grub should be served in a dining space that inspires and excites them too. With Dolce, you can wave goodbye to the beige – we’ll give your servery a total refresh and create a dining area that’s as bold and vibrant as the food you serve.

Whatever you have in mind, our bespoke re-designs can make your vision come to life.


Our clever system takes care of any allergen or dietary requirements too. After any allergens have been logged, dishes containing these ingredients are blocked by the system – making them impossible to order. No worries, no mistakes, just food that’s safe for them to eat and enjoy.

As for dietary requirements, parents can simply notify your school office of any ingredients to avoid for religious, medical or ethical reasons. Once they’re noted on the system, kitchen staff will be informed of off-limits items during service, ensuring they receive only food made with the approved ingredients.

To keep things as varied as possible, our menus also include:

  • Vegetarian and vegan options alongside our usual meat and fish choices
  • A range of vegetable and starchy accompaniments for a better balance of vitamins and minerals
  • Options tailored to diabetic students, complete with carb counts on our system

Excited to make lunchtime a highlight? We’re just as excited to have you join us.