Dolce Brand Refresh

New Website, Logo and More!

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Why Have We Evolved the Brand?

If you think back to five years ago and imagine you were able to talk to your past self, you’d likely find two very different people holding a conversation. Change is a natural side effect of time and those that don’t change, do not grow.

We have always desired growth and success for our family run business. We spent a few years weathering the storm of the pandemic but now it’s time to prioritise moving forward. Dolce needs to lead the charge once again, we have never been a company that rests on our laurels and those that don’t evolve are often left behind.

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So, the time has come for Dolce to receive a fresh new look as we move forward into new ventures. With this comes a few changes in our processes, all of which will be carefully explained below.

Our new branding gives us far more scope to advance into new business sectors with a clear identity for each area. So please take the time to familiarise yourself with the new Dolce and step forward with us into our new adventures.

How Does This Affect Me?

You will need to make sure you:

Replace the letterhead you use, once the old letterhead stock has been used up – or if printing in-house, use the new style immediately (link to new letterhead PDF below)

Update your email signature logo. We will be in touch when the new signatures are ready.

Answer the phone as ‘Dolce’ and not ‘Dolce Schools Catering’ (details below)

New Letterhead

New blank templates with the updated letterheads will be printed and distributed for use once the old stock has been used up. There will be a green version for educational letters and blue for workplace communications.

For letterheads being printed in-house, click the links below, download the relevant PDF and amend with your details.
A font named ‘Urban Rounded’ should be use on all letters – or ‘Ariel Rounded’ if the first option is not available.

We also have google sheet versions available upon request to Ops, for easier ad-hoc creation.

New Email Signature Logo

We will be in touch regarding your new email signatures when they are ready.

Answering the Phone

We are asking all our employees to update how they may be answering the phone as our new master brand only features the name “Dolce“. If you have been using the phrase “Dolce Schools Catering” as the company introduction, we kindly ask that you now start to use the name “Dolce”.

It’s not a huge change, but for some we understand this might be a tricky habit to unlearn.

Placing post-it reminders in your line of sight near the phone might be a useful trick to making the change to “Dolce”.

Important - If you work in Operations, this next update is for you



Welcome to Dolce Email to All New Clients

For any new contracts, an automated email will be sent out to the main contact at the new school at the point of the ‘New school signed’ email being sent out internally.

This email will contain helpful information such as:

  • Contract start date
  • AM’s name and contact information
  • Customer Care’s contact information
  • What to expect between now and mobilisation
  • What to expect at mobilisation
  • Information about how menus will be received
  • And very importantly: a new and improved version of the ‘Parent information sheet’ and ‘Cashless Leaflet’, now renamed ‘The Parent Welcome Pack’.

The Parent Welcome Pack:

You can request a copy of the new Parent Welcome Pack by emailing

Please note you will not have to send this to clients as an automated email will be triggered containing instructions for your client on how to download the Parent Welcome Pack, and advice on when to share that with their parents. 

If you would like to read the email that will be sent out to clients at the point of the ‘New school signed’ internal email send out, please request a copy from

Taster event flyer to hand out:

Help to gain bigger uptakes from your events by handing flyers out at taster evenings. To request some for your upcoming events, please contact and state:

  • When the event is taking place
  • An estimate of how many leaflets will be needed
  • Where to send them to

Packed lunch price comparison flyer:

We have a new version, styled in the refreshed brand look.

Please click here to download this.

This can be used by schools throughout the year and might be extra useful in the weeks running up to the end of the summer terms for Y2 pupils.
It details the annual average cost savings that can be achieved by either switching to or keeping with a hot school meal.

How schools can communicate this to their parents:

  • Email a copy to all parents
  • Print a copy and include it in book bags of children in Y2 (about to exit UIFSM funding)
  • Display it on their website
  • Post it on their social media

Staff Uniforms

After your existing stock has been used up, please submit the following logos for your next uniform order.

We have differing logos for education vs workplace establishments, so just make sure you use the correct file, for instance:

Primary uniforms – Education catering logo (green)
Secondary uniforms – Education catering logo (recoloured to black)
Workplace uniforms – Workplace catering logo

So What Is Our Vision for the Future?

To be the industry leading provider of nutritious, home-cooked lunches (primary schools) / restaurant-quality lunches (high school, B&I and Independent schools) that are both a daily highlight to our customers and a comforting constant throughout their lives – from early years to higher and further education and into careers and workplaces.

This academic year (23/24), we aim to win one new B&I contract and one new independent school contract. This will allow us to learn about how these contracts need to work for every department.


We are a third generation UK family run contract caterer providing services to 600 primaries and 30+ high schools, as well as recently moving into Workplace catering.

Our 0 – 5 year Strategy:
To grow in the Nursery, Primary, Secondary, College, University, Independent and Workplace markets.