Dolce Green Team Launch

at The Redeemer Primary School

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The Redeemer’s ‘Green Team’ pave the way in carbon emission reduction via a clever lunchtime innovation

Exciting developments for The Redeemer Primary School in Blackburn this summer term; as the new Dolce Green Team project launched at the end of April to great success.

Cheering students at the completion of new school garden

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In partnership with the school, Dolce set out to provide The Redeemer Primary with its very own school garden; perfect for growing ingredients commonly found in our favourite menus. Concurrently, as food inflation continues to affect all of us, the project could not have launched at a more opportune moment.

pupils planting in the Dolce Green Team garden

So what did we do?
  • Assisted with the design and creation of a new purpose built area just for growing plants.
  • Organised a brand new initiative to reduce all food waste.
  • Provided a unique practical learning experience.

With this new equipment, students at The Redeemer – Our Green Team pioneers –  will continue to ‘grow their own lifestyle‘ by developing their horticultural skills; whilst enhancing their overall knowledge of all things nature. Everything grown in the new garden can be used in Dolce school meals, therefore increasing our sustainable efforts and reducing the impact of food inflation.

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Food Waste?

Daily food waste is an unavoidable by-product of running a school. It is often not reported that schools typically send an alarming 30% of their food produced to landfill. However, the Redeemer instantly reduced their food waste from the typical 30% to a tiny 5% overnight by switching to Dolce’s innovative food management technology.

… What Food Waste?

Through a unique partnership between Dolce and a third party waste collector, Re Food, the remaining 5% of food waste is collected each week. This allows the school to help power the National Grid by repurposing its unavoidable food waste into gas.

students smelling a cola plant  Dolce Green Team students starting the school garden

We introduced the pupils to our fabulous new Green Team Gang.

Pete, Spencer, Pablo, Bea and Hana!

A group of plants designed to encourage pupil participation. Teaching our curious students all about the amazing differences found in nature. Everyone has a pace of learning and growth that works best for them, just like plants do!

“Grow up in your own way, and you’ll shine brighter day by day.”

Green Team character potato Green Team character sunflowerGreen Team character peachGreen Team character brambleGreen Team character herb

Our thanks goes to Stonehill Nurseries and Garden Centre for their very generous donation of multiple different seed packs as well as compost, plant pots and a 20% discount on the sapling plants we purchased.

Consequently, students were able to open up their Green Team bags to find everything they needed to get started in the garden. A whole variety of plants went into the soil and each pupil promised to look after the garden as everything grows.

The children get so much joy from being part of the ‘Green Team’. It’s a place where they can plant vegetables and herbs, get some fresh air. They can also laugh with their friends and learn about the benefits of eating locally grown produce.
Not only is the initiative helping to educate the younger generation on how eating local food can help reduce carbon emissions, but it helps their overall wellbeing.

Head Teacher, Mr M Power

Many of us don’t realise that a huge 8-10% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions relate to food waste. In Scotland it is now compulsory to dispose of food waste in the appropriate food waste recycling bin; a move that could arrive in the rest of the UK in the future.

Read more about Dolce’s approach to sustainability here.