Dolce Theme Days

Find out all about the kind of support Dolce provides during our popular theme days throughout the year.

decorated theme hatch

Hanbury Farm Primary School – A previous best dressed hatch winner

Did you know?

A lot of thought goes into the planning of Dolce theme days. We schedule many of them during school census dates, which we have found is a very effective tool for increasing school funding.

Themes are often centred around special dates in the calendar or much loved concepts in younger generations such as

Using this theme day as an example, Dolce provided:

  • A crafted menu that follows current food trends and contains dishes that are popular with children
  • Marketing materials to help each school promote the day
  • Prop packs to help kitchen teams with lunch room decoration
  • Email reminders
  • Themed KS1 + KS2 competitions to drive interest with fantastic prizes on offer
  • Best dressed hatch contest to inspire kitchen & school participation
  • Free advice on how to go the extra mile during these events
  • A challenge in conjunction with…

walk to school week icon

We challenged students to become walking heroes for the whole week by participating in the Living Streets campaign.

Dolce fruit and vegetable icons

Our previous theme days have been very successful, especially those that feature competitions. Lucky winners have won all sorts of fantastic prizes like tickets to experiences like Go Ape, themed gift hampers, gaming consoles, animal adoption packs, vouchers and cash prizes.

Some lucky winners have even seen their creative entries turned into physical copies of books or cards, such as the annual snowman competition winners.

Previous winners of Dolce competitions

If you are interesting in reading further on the kind of support Dolce provides, please click here.