At the heart of everything we do, our values help to keep us grounded, motivated and respectful of everyone we work with. And we’re proud to share a little peek below…

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At Dolce’s core we are authentic and trustworthy in our approach to food preparation & service delivery – what the prospect sees at the point of sale is what is delivered day to day in the contract.



We are the most innovative caterer in the sector, being the first ever contract caterer to develop and launch an online pre-order and cashless system which has revolutionised catering in primary schools.


As a family-run business, we care deeply about every aspect of the Dolce offering. We want to ensure that every person who eats a Dolce meal is completely satisfied, and we want to make sure everyone who deals with the Dolce team feels respected and cared for. 


We are passionate about creating high quality home cooked food and vibrant spaces to dine in, caring about the environment with our zero waste approach and constantly striving to ensure both our customers and clients alike are consistently amazed by our offering.