Dolce’s delicious food transforms lunchtime into a highlight, every day of their week. How? We’ll talk you through the menus, and what else you can expect, right here.



How does Dolce’s food differ from your current lunchtime offerings? We only use the best British produce and in-season ingredients, so that kitchen staff can craft meals fresh at their school, each and every day. It’s also more cost-effective than a packed lunch – with much less prep time from you too.

Example menus



Vivid and vibrant grub they can rave about – from canteen classics to dishes from around the world.



Our menus rotate every three weeks, keeping the selection and the flavours varied. We’re all about letting them try something new!



As term time moves on, here’s what else they can expect – with a well-stocked salad bar and desserts to choose from too.


As a parent, you’ll want to know that your child only receives food that’s safe for them to enjoy.

We’ve made that easy. Once you have access to the system, it’s a simple case of ticking your child’s allergens. From here, the system blocks any meals containing these allergens from being chosen, so you and your child can order with total confidence. And when it’s lunchtime, kitchen staff are made fully aware of your child’s allergies through handy touchscreen technology, too!

As for dietary requirements, you’ll simply notify the school’s office of any restrictions for religious, medical or ethical reasons, which are noted on the system and then relayed to kitchen staff.

To keep things as varied and nutritious as possible, Dolce also offer:

  • Vegetarian and vegan options alongside our usual meat and fish choices
  • Plenty of starchy sides and vegetable accompaniments for a balance of vitamins and minerals
  • Meals made with diabetic pupils in mind

The Dolce way: healthier meals, better concentration levels, happier lives for almost 30 years.