Information For Our Partner Primary Schools (Short Story Competition)

Summer Challenge!

Keep their imagination alive this summer by participating in our short story competition. Our budding authors could win a copy of their story published in a book.
The grand winner also receives 2 (one adult, one child) tickets to the ‘Harry Potter Studio Tour’!!

The target length is 300 words and the theme is magic! Your child can
choose from one of these 3 starting points:

  • You or your character is enjoying a magical school feast, but then something odd happens!
  • You or your character invents a new spell or potion, what does it do?
  • You or your character flies away on a broomstick, time for an adventure!

They can then let the tale unfold however they see fit. We’re excited to see how imaginative everyone can be.
Please email the submissions by 26/08/2022 to or send via post at:

Dolce Ltd,
Lowton Business Park,
Newton Road,
WA3 2AN.

We aim to announce our 10 book winners on Literacy Day on 08/09/2022.

We hope everyone has fun over the summer and gets involved, our team of book worms are ready and waiting to judge the fantastic stories headed our way!


Please note: In order to enter, your child must attend a school where Dolce Schools Catering provides lunchtime catering. All children at the school can enter.