What can you expect at mobilisation?

We have been mobilising new school contracts since 1999 and as such are very experienced at mitigating risks, ensuring a seamless transition to launch.

All members of the team will be kept up to date with the decision-making process and
when an announcement is made, this is followed up with the introduction of our team.


Your Team

Regional Operations Director – Mobilisation Manager
Area Manager – School, Staff, Pupil & Parent Liaison
Food Services – Craft training & supply chain
Marketing Manager – Engagement Strategy
HR Manager – TUPE & Recruitment
Health & Safety Manager – HSEQ/Audits & Procedure Compliance
CSR Manager – Sustainability & CSR
Finance Director – Payroll, Pensions, Commercials
Dolce Online Systems Director – IT & Online Systems
Sales Director – Tender Compliance
Managing Director – Company Support & Overview


Our management team will run through our values and outline the benefits of working for Dolce to the kitchen team and begin the TUPE process. Before launch we engage all key stakeholders across the schools to give us the best possible start as follows:

  • Headteachers / School Representative: Evening presentation with Q&A and one to one sessions.
  • Parents: Welcome packs, attend parent evenings, presentation followed by Q&A session
  • Pupils: Pupil council meetings
  • Catering Staff: TUPE meetings, welcome pack and an invitation to training meetings..


The implementation plan will be overseen by your Regional Operations Director.
Weekly meetings to review all progress will ensure that everything remains on plan and mitigates any risks.
Essential activities include:


What about TUPE?

Approximately 65% of our kitchen teams have come to Dolce through TUPE transfer including 70+ in a day on one contract.

We have experience of delivering both small and large scale TUPE transfers ensuring stability and a smooth handover for both employees and customers. You can rest assured that Dolce has everything in hand regarding the TUPE process.

If you do have any questions, please contact either your Area Manager or our Customer Care team who will be very happy to help.

  • customercare@dolce.co.uk

There's plenty to do whilst Dolce mobilises your contract. Check out our other services and get to know us a little better.