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We are starting a monthly post series, dedicated to food allergies and intolerances. We will be sharing information and research that might help guide you, while you take care of yourself and the health of your children!

What’s the difference between lactose intolerance and a dairy allergy? 


Lactose intolerance affects your digestive system. Your gut is usually not able to process lactose – naturally occurring sugar in dairy milk. Lactose intolerance Is more common in adults, as mostly, milk is necessary for growing children; and the older a person gets, the more difficult it is for a gut to process it because of a lack of lactase (lactose processing enzyme in your gut).


Dairy allergy affects the immune system. It makes your body react to the proteins found in milk. Protecting the body from “invaders”, it will cause various allergy reactions – from a mild rash to a severe trouble breathing. This allergy reaction can happen any time, between a few minutes to a few hours after consuming milk. It is also the most common in babies and children.

In case of lactose intolerance, you may wish to substitute normal milk with a lactose free alternative, however, in the case of the allergy, doctors recommend avoiding dairy completely.

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Research sources for the post: WebMd: Lactose Intolerance vs Dairy Allergy, Web MD: Lactose intolerance.

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