Our primary and high school offers vary quite substantially. In primary schools pre-order is very popular and great at increasing uptake whilst giving parents involvement in what their children eat. It is also a fantastic way to manage allergens and dietary requirements.

In high schools it is all about the cashless cafeteria – quickly flooding a food court and letting pupils choose at the counter and then scan through the tills using contactless fobs. Very quick, very high street and contemporary and very popular with high school students.

All admin, payments and debts are handled by us in both cases, leaving the school office free of school meals.

Primary Schools


Orders can be placed online from home or on the move via our online app. We also provide a classroom pre-order (prior to registration) to account for anyone who has not ordered from home.

Pre-ordering is not imperative in the classroom, or at all and schools can choose whether and how this is implemented.

Processing Orders

Our systems are made simple so that pupils orders are easily taken without eating into curriculum time and the cook receives them in real time on the kitchen touchscreen.


  • The cook comes in early to do the baking for puddings
  • At 9.30am the cook will start the mains using the quantities and weigh outs from the system
  • A percentage of additional meals will be added to account for spillages or late arrivals.


  • At the hotplate pupils press their name on the touchscreen, which tells the cook the child’s name, order and what they cannot eat for dietary or religious reasons.
  • The cook greats the child by their name, serves their meal and presses a pedal to confirm they have received their dish and to process their payment.
  • All names on the touchscreen transfer from red to blue to show they have eaten and highlight any pupils still to come.
  • A counter is present at the top of the screen to indicate to the cook how many portions of each dish are still to be served; to help with portion control.


Parents can pay by card (top up) or Direct Debit (post payment monthly collection), the latter proving the most popular with an average of 70% uptake nationally. Due to payments being collected on a specified payment day, Direct Debit only accounts for 8% of all debt.

Our system automates debt letters to parents releasing the school office of the burden of chasing payments.

We also underwrite debt (5 days on top up, 1 month on DD) to further release the school from school meals administration.

All handling fees are built into the meal price so there are no nasty surprises or penalties when paying online rather than using cash.

Parents pay us directly freeing up the school office from reconciliations and dinner money.

Dolce School Catering Staff serving food in school canteen

High Schools


At break times students can visit the various food stations within the food court, choosing what they want and self checking out at our touch screen tills which are monitored and confirmed by our catering team. This means that one single till station can have three cashless tills operated by three separate pairs of hands and drastically reduce queuing time.

Our system allows us to monitor popularity of meals across each High School, ensuring we are offering the best selection of dishes possible when planning the next seasonal menu.


High School students are issued contactless fobs containing RFID chips. These relate to the pupils account and avoid any of the biometric issues. Parents can set daily spend limits with the balance being collected monthly via Direct Debit or in real time via card payments (account top up).

Each till contains a contactless pad that, when presented with a students fob, shows the pupils profile. This helps our staff ensure the correct child is using the correct fob. Once the student has input their items on the self checkout it is then confirmed by our staff and the students account adjusted. This greatly increases the speed of checkout by offering three tills per station and member of staff.

All handling fees are built into the meal price so there are no nasty surprises or penalties when paying online rather than using cash.

Parents pay us directly freeing up the school office from reconciliations and dinner money.


Parents, pupils and school staff can order and pay online via the School Grid website.

Upon Dolce being appointed as the school’s caterer, we will provide each parent with an information pack to be completed and returned to the school. The school office will assign an email address next to every pupil’s account. The School Grid system then automates a welcome email with username and log in information to each parent or guardian.

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