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Primary Schools

We offer online main meal pre-order in primary schools. Orders are accessed by a touchscreen in the kitchen, giving quantities and weigh outs. Dishes are cooked to order and pupils press their name on the touchscreen, telling the cook who they are, what they ordered and identifying dishes they can’t have. When a meal is served, the cook presses a pedal which adjusts the pupils account.


  • Every pupil gets what they want at the hotplate.
  • Parental involvement in meal choice.
  • Ingredients listings, recipes and nutritional analysis can be viewed.
  • No child can accidentally be served something they are allergic to.
  • Flexibility – you can order that morning or up to a term in advance.
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Pre Order From Home

Orders can be placed online from home or on the move via our online app.

You can order up to 9.30am on any given day or as far in advance as whole term. Orders can be placed on a pc, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

We encourage all parents to order with their children and not for their children.


Some schools allow classroom pre-order via the touchscreen smartboard in every classroom. Ask your school office if this is offered at your school.

Note: any orders placed from home are final and cannot be changed in the classroom.


  • The cook comes in early to do the baking for puddings
  • At 9.30am the cook will start the mains using the quantities and weigh outs from the system
  • A percentage of additional meals will be added to account for spillages or pupils coming in late.


  • At the hotplate pupils press their name on the touchscreen, which tells the cook the child’s name, order and what they cannot eat.
  • The cook greets the child by their name, serves their meal and presses a pedal to confirm they have received their dish and to process their payment.

Login to SchoolGrid

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Middle & High Schools


Parents set a spend limit per day for their child. This is charged via a monthly Direct Debit (post payment) or online by card (pre-payment).

Pupils then choose their food items from various hot and cold food counters and check though our self-service tills using their personalised contactless keyring fob. This is confirmed by our catering staff who are shown an image of the child and the list of items they have put through.

Spend limits can vary daily to allow parents and pupils flexibility and a tailored dining service.

Replacement contactless keyring fobs are available from the school office.

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For more information on payments and pre-ordering or to enquire about Dolce, please don't hesitate to get in touch and speak with a member of the team.

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