Food intolerances and medical dietary restrictions make a huge impact on a person’s life. Children can face particular challenges when certain food groups are suddenly inaccessible to them.

When Tracey’s child was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease, the family was hit both physically and mentally due to the significant lifestyle changes which resulted from no longer being able to eat Gluten.

The next challenge they faced was finding appropriate school dinners that would both be safe to eat and not alienate the pupil from their peers. Thankfully, Tracey’s child attended one of Dolce’s partner primary schools: Hanborough Manor School where Melanie Hornsby worked as an Area Manager.

“I'd heard negative stories from other families about school meals and I was dreading having to tell my child that they couldn't have school dinners any more. However there was no need. I was given Dolce’s contact details and have been blown away by the support that they have given us.”

As a company, Dolce takes the matter of allergens very seriously. Melanie contacted Tracey to explain the processes Dolce would now be putting in place to keep her child safe, allowing the family to continue ordering school lunches with confidence. After checking correct stock and measures were in place, Melanie worked with Dolce’s Food Services department to develop a bespoke menu.

“From providing a special menu, to talking personally to the school kitchen staff to ensure the set-up is safe, to working with me to ensure that my child feels included and supported. They have gone above and beyond my expectations in supporting us. Their communication, keeping us informed and checking in with us is just incredible.”

Levels of communication were strong throughout resolving Tracey’s concerns. Melanie kept the family in the loop every step of the way. She implemented the new menu and trained the school’s kitchen team on the appropriate steps to take. Such as using purple cutting boards and separate utensils. Tracey was also invited to a face to face meeting with staff to discuss aspects of the new dietary restrictions.

– Melanie Hornsby

Melanie now speaks to Tracey before each of Dolce’s theme days. She amends the child’s menu choice, if needed, so that they do not feel excluded from these special events. Our ongoing commitment to allergen safety for all children is at the forefront of Dolce’s service.

“I can honestly say that Dolce School Catering has had a hugely positive impact on my child’s mental well being and has made this transition for them so much less stressful and upsetting than it might have been.”

If you have any questions regarding Dolce’s school meal offering please contact us.