Do we keep our current kitchen team?

Yes under employment law your staff must be offered to TUPE over.

In almost all Local Authorities this is recognised as part of the school’s estate and remains with the school. Please contact us if you have any issues around this.

If you are doing under 400 meals per day then it is very easy for you to run your own best value tender. See our downloadable document in the ‘Changing Your Provider’ section.

We recommend a year with a terms cancellation thereafter to avoid being tied up in a lengthy contract and to keep the caterer from complacency.

Best Practice for TUPE is 6 weeks so 8 weeks is advisable to ensure a smooth transition.

No, unless you operate your own in house service. Under employment law it is the responsibility of the incumbent employer and the new employer.

No, most caterers operate from a modest meal price with no management fee or SLA.

The school decides and the caterer uses whatever they are provided.

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