Along with an extensive menu and flexible choices, we also attract pupils and parents to the service through the following:

Dolce School Catering Theme Day Food Menu

Theme Days

Schools can have theme days twice a term, one picked by us and one picked by you! We offer a large variety of themes ranging from the curriculum to countries around the world and both historical and current events. At Dolce, we make an effort to dress up your serving hatch and provide posters for putting up around the school. We also cater for local days.


Parents Eat Free

There is no better way of showing your parents how good your school meals are than letting them try one. That’s why we offer a buy one get one free offer where pupils can bring in a parent or grandparent to try a Dolce school dinner. All you do is let us know when you would like to offer this and to how many pupils and we do the rest. You can even go through every class in a school year if you like!

Competition Time

Every year we host popular Christmas card and recipe designing competitions amongst others. Prizes range from days out at Go Ape! to mountain bikes and games consoles, with additional prizes for the winning school.

Community Engagement

Dolce goes on tour! Our Area Managers and Nutrition and Menu Department bring an educational evening event to the schools we cater for. This encourages parents and pupils to cook together with some fun, healthy and easy to cook recipes straight from the Dolce menu bank.

Icknield Community College Dolce School Catering

Upgrade Your Servery

Beige is the worst colour in school catering – so aside from making our extensive food offer colourful and appealing, we go the extra mile and provide you with a fully fitted bespoke servery design to re-invigorate your dining hall.


Work Experience

Students are actively encouraged to participate in work experience in the school kitchen, receiving mentoring training from the kitchen supervisor to ensure the most is achieved from the experience. Students will receive their basic Food Hygiene training relevant to their involvement.

Herb Gardens

To encourage new flavours and food experiences, as well as light gardening experience.

Seasonal Vegetable Patches

In partnership with schools we provide experienced gardeners to work with the pupils to create a space where vegetables can be grown, for use in food cooking classes or our cooking.


Example Artwork

Browse a selection of example artwork we use in our menus/posters and signage! These range from themed day menus to competition posters.

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Whether you are looking at a new provider for your school meals service, an existing school office or a parent or pupil that would like to speak to a member of our team, we would like to hear from you.

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