We have evolved our systems to surpass Government requirements to make sure our customers are safe and parents are assured.

If a child is allergic to one of the 14 main allergens our systems will block dishes containing that allergen/s  to ensure no mistakes are made.

Dietary Requirements

Parents can notify the school office of their child’s dietary requirements, whether religious or medical and these are noted on the system. At the hotplate the system will tell the cook the child’s name and any dietary requirements to ensure the wrong food item is not given to the child.

Vegetarian options are always catered for in addition to the meat or fish choice. We will also be mindful of accompaniments and ensure to vary vegetables and starchy accompaniments to ensure a balance of vitamins and minerals.

All of our 1000+ recipes are available online through our website for parents to view and check. We encourage parents to try out our recipes at home and give us feedback.  The information includes ingredient quantities, cooking instructions, nutritional breakdown and allergen information.



We provide a diabetic feature on our system to make ordering simple for parents of pupils with diabetes. Further to the nutritional analysis of each dish, the diabetic feature will show the carb count of each dish at a glance when viewing the menu.