Sustainability & Environment

We are fully accredited under the BS EN ISO 14001:2004

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To ensure we meet your agenda and our own sustainable development we will work closely with you to establish a number of objectives each with a commitment and an indicator of progress. All managers will be made aware of these objectives and will work hard to achieve them. Employees will be given relevant training and will be communicated with at all stages.

Without compromising food safety considerations we take sustainability into account in our purchasing decisions.

We have reviewed our use of hazardous substances to ensure we are using the least harmful available for purpose.

We will assess the environmental impact of all past, current and future operations, and fully integrate environmental considerations and objectives into our business decisions.

We aim to minimise consumption of natural resources, including energy, water and raw materials, as far as is economically practicable.

We aim, where possible, to procure locally to reduce food miles and support local food businesses.

Where the product is not available locally we endeavour to purchase Fair Trade branded produce.

Environmental Initiatives

  • Energy conservation – use of environmentally safe and sustainable energy sources
  • Food Miles Policy - reduction in the total distance in miles the food item is transported from field to plate using local suppliers where possible
  • Use of environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Recycling materials where possible
  • Continual training and communication to all staff to ensure understanding of our environment policy.

We have our sights set on the Government's Sustainable Farming and Food Strategy and our focus is on locally produced and supplied ingredients.

We also minimise our Food Miles by working closely with our suppliers to ensure they reduce the environmental impact of their products and transportation. For example, cleaner vehicles and improved logistics.

The use of fresh local ingredients and materials supplied by local firms is a feature of our service.

Wherever possible we expect to use reputable local firms, to supply our needs.

For our Catering customers the benefits are important.

  • The menus are written to take advantage of excellent local produce.
  • Local firms respond more vigorously to protect their reputation.
  • The link between good food – increasing uptake – and more business for local businesses may produce a beneficial effect.

We promote sustainable food initiatives such as Seasonal Menu Planning.

Our Environmental Management Standards are that:

  • We work towards a continuous environmental improvement plan through a cycle of Planning, Taking Action, Checking Progress and Reviewing Achievements.
  • We ensure that all employees are aware of the organisations impacts on the environment and understand their responsibilities and duties with regard to protecting the environment, complying with legal obligations and generally improving the organisations impact on the environment.

We conduct internal audits and have regular management reviews from which an action plan is formed.

For more information on our Sustainability and Enironmental Policies please email